Genoma is a Blockchain Artist, a digital native time traveler who came from outer future.
He first arrived on our Space-Time Continuum in the early '90s; since then he's influencing the minds of the bravest Net Art pioneers with his visions of other worlds.
Now that we're approaching the end of our consciences, he's transmuting his imaginary in NFTs, a final leap to merge all dimensions in one zero space-time‹less› Multimetaverse.


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2584 Genoma's mutations are among us, and they're a golden ticket 🎫  for an upcoming 📆  dimension of exciting journeys 🧑‍🚀 and perks 🤑


6 Aliens 👽 from Cyberspace  🛸  invades the stars  ✨  of the Metaverse 👾
Will they be benevolent  👁❓ or hostile  👻  ¿


🧬 Let's crystalize the digital native status by marking your cryptographic DNA with 23 limited edition  💎  NFTs.
A vision that comes straight from a futuristic dream of a '90s trip 🪐 


 🌑 14 landscapes of desolate worlds  🏜  reveal the introspective nature of their mysterious 🌚  inhabitants.
Are you brave ⚡️ enough to join this 🚀 discovery


🩸 20 pictures 🖼️  of one of our futures tell us about a bleeding 🔴  planet, where the few survivors 🧎 who have been able to raise 🧘  their awareness are struggling in the dilemma of extinction.