💝 We believe that the art 👩‍🎨  belongs to lovers, 💖 not to speculators. 🤑
We've seen the ‹system› 👺 engulf the noblest  💎  and most rebellious 🏴‍☠️  underground forms of human 🔥  expression ; and then regurgitate 'em back to us without their innermost raison d'etre.

But we're still 👊 here - to say that this time it will 💣  not happen, again.
[нас не догонят]

🐣 Early Access 🟢 Minting is currently Live 🟢

So that's why every Pre-Mint, and few exclusive private sale events, we're going to do in the future, will be limited to the those crypto addresses whose holds an edition of Genoma Early Access Member NFT card; to stay gas-friendly they lives in Polygon Network and you can mint on of these here for 9 MATIC (until they run out, soon i guess). After that you can try your luck earning tickets for the giveaway, or buy the early access nft card in the 2nd market (like opensea), there - in the wild; prices may vary, considerably

  • step
    Genoma is back from the future! 🕙️
    ✔︎ Startup of the project: Arts, Strategies, Tokenomics and Collections definition
    ✔︎ Creation of the Website and the underlying Web3-Ecosystem/Smart-Contracts for NTFs minting
    ✔︎ Creation of all the reference Social Networks, Community Chats, Marketplace Profiles
    ✔︎ TestNet deploy of Minting/Drop/Whitelist toolkits, Website, Giveaway/Contest modules
  • step
    It's Showtime! ⚡️
    ✔︎ Project is live: discover our incredile art on www, discord, twitter, instagram, telegram, opensea
    ✔︎ Early Access minting is live, grab your NFT card to whitelist in Pre-Mint and much more!
    ✔︎  Several contests to win an Early Access NFT card are active
    ✔︎  EarlyGenoma collection monthly Giveaway for NFT card holders is running 
    EarlyGenoma collection Pre-Mint (whitelist presale) for NFT card holders
    EarlyGenoma collection Live-Mint (public sale drop) and reveal 
    Alien-ist collection private sale (auction) for card members whose hold at least 10 EarlyGenoma   
  • step
    Let's skyrocket! 🚀
    New collections announcement event! 
    Porting each Alien-ist to other blockhains/metaverses (free airdrop to their respective holders)  
    CromosomaBIT collection details and private sale whitelist requirements full-disclosure 
    Merch drop for holders!  
    CromosomaBIT private sale event (whitelist requirements to be disclosed)
    10% of royalties will be used in the foundation of GenomaDAO, to support artists, collect art and boost holders governance / community transparency
  • step
    Moon Landing 🌕️
    AridLand collection details and private sale whitelist requirements full-disclosure 
    $GENOMA token minting ceremony with airdrop to holders (tokenomics to be revealed)
    AridLand private sale event (whitelist requirements to be disclosed)
    RedCore collection details and whitelist requirements full-disclosure 
    Pool about future projects - utility NFTs for passive incomes? Specific metaverse? and so on    
    ▢ 5% of EarlyGenoma sales to buy its floor NFTs. The DAO will decide if burn 'em to make the collection deflationary or whatever else :) 
  • step
    On the way to the Deep Space 🪐
    RedCore collection private sale event 
    Charity donation, as usual the DAO will decide to whom 
    Genoma's galleries, both virtual and physical spaces to exhibit and party!     
    Gamification and Multi-metaverse federation with deep NFTs interoperability: Since the early stages of this project we're working hard to research and develop open technologies and standard protocols to integrate Metaverses in a fully interconnected ecosystem which shares games, avatars, objects and more generally speaking virtual-realities and tokens (fungible and not-fungible). This is our vision, the Genoma's vision, and it comes straight from the future.
  • ♾️
    Genoma will go back to the future! 🕧️
    ✅  But this ‹time› we will all go with him, together.