💧 The very first 🥇 drop! Don't miss the chance to beearly› 🐣 
2584 Genoma's mutations are among us, and they're a golden ticket 🎫  for an upcoming 📆  dimension of exciting journeys 🧑‍🚀 and perks 🤑

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Holding an EarlyGenoma, you’re not simply owning a stylish unique profile picture to show off on your socials, or a provably-rare digital artwork. You're making a great investment on an early collection of an amazing project, with a lot of room to grow and an incredible potential. If you believe in us, we'll believe in you - and it's proved by facts. Just to name one: that's why we're limiting the "private" sale of some of our other exclusive collections to those addresses which detains Genoma's "Early" NFTs.  

Specs & Tokeconomics
🔗 Blockchain:
Polygon Network  
📝  Pre-Mint whitelist requirements:
Early Access Memership card NFT
🏦  Total Supply:
2584F18 Fibonacci Sequence
📆  Pre-Mint date:
YYYY-MM-00T00:00:00Z TBD
🤑  Pre-Mint price:
88 MATIC ‹10MAX per Mint
📆  Public-Sale date:
YYYY-MM-00T00:00:00Z TBD
💸  Public-Sale price:
123 MATIC ‹20MAX per Wallet
🎨  Making:
Robot-AI Algorithmically generated
💎  Rarities & Uniqueness:
Over 111 hand-drawn traits
🎁  Giveaway: 10% (258 NFTs)🖼️  Metadata reveal strategy:
Full-collection after minting
✍️  Smart contract address:
                                                                    swipe 👉️
🤖 Token standard:
(Some of the)
Collection's Artworks

music by Pharcide (Drop, 1995 - Not On Label)