GenomaNFT is a collective project.

💥 We are Genoma, a squad of internationally acclaimed net-artists, illustrators, painters, street-artists, writers, videomakers, music producers and hackers.  We have a strong proven background in both digital/network interdisciplinary art installations and ordinary art exhibitions.

As for now all ours live exclusive and originals NFTs collections are conceived and illustrated by the ecleptic mind of Giambattista Rosini, Emilio Messina and crash.

Giambattista Rosini
As a seasoned graphic novelist and painters he's the author of all the illustrations in EarlyGenoma, Alien-ist, CromosomaBIT and AridLand. His works are allegories of everyday gestures and actions; discomfort of a society, sometimes cruel, which has lost sight of the human being. He's a multifaceted artist who deals with the languages ​​of painting, graphics and illustration. His creations are children, affected by gigantism, of comic strip mothers and science fiction's books fathers. They are brothers of a pop epic that, from Roy Lichtestein to Jeff Koons, passing through Takashi Murakami, tells a new and indecipherable transgender language.

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Emilio Messina
An adventurer visual explorer, he's the hunter of the fleeting moments: a talented landscape photographer, videomaker and digital artist. Combining the most exciting faces of nature with a dystopian and futuristic imagery, his works offer experiences that leave an indelible mark, forever transforming the perception of the beholder. With a life-long experience creating digital contents he deeply knows a wide range of technics and methodologies across various fields, broading from the 3D modeling to the piloting of FPV Drones. In his bag he holds remarkable works and collaborations with renowned international artists as well as known television broadcasters. RedcoreDystopia is made up by him.

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An ancient form of extraterrestrial intelligence, fully-diluted into the cyberspace and revealed to this ‹quantum stream of human consciences› through several identities; as an oldschool hacker he’s an eschatological deconstructionist, a poliedric net-artist, visionary, writer, cursed poet, blockchain pioneer and cyber warfare commander ― but even nothing, at the same time. By dint of bending space-time he has ended up bending himself and now wanders in the immutable disorder of infinity. If you want to try to catch one of his manifestations, he’s attracted by intuition, meat, avant-garde and technology. He loves to engage new challenges, but only when it’s to express himself as an instrument of his innermost essence, in revolution, to reconcile within that sublime state in which everything appears to be dynamically static. Genoma is a part of him, and in it he’s mastering the strategy, while doing all that blockchain and interwebs alchemy; casting code, visuals and neurolinguistic spells.

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