🩸 20 pictures 🖼️  of one of our futures tell us about a bleeding 🔴  planet, where the few survivors 🧎 who have been able to raise 🧘  their awareness are struggling in the dilemma of extinction.

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We are still thinking about the possible future implementations of this collection on metaverses. Having already the sources in 3D format, the natural evolution would be in some sort of integration with video games or virtual reality. But first of all we would love to know the ideas of our community and especially of its holders. So let us know!

Specs & Tokeconomics
🔗 Blockchain:
Ethereum Network 
📝  Auction whitelist requirements:
Early Access card, more TBD
🏦  Total Supply:
20 ‹IAU № of Comae B. Meteor
📆  Auction whitelist enrollment deadline:
2022-11-00T00:00:00ZTBD, Q3'22›
🤑  Starting bid price:
📆  Private-Sale (auction) date:
2023-01-00T00:00:00ZTBD, Q1'23›
💸  Adjudication (average) price:
🎨  Making:
Human-NI 3D modeled
💎  Rarities & Uniqueness:
They are only 20!
🎁  Giveaway:
auction spot without requirements 
🖼️  Metadata reveal strategy:
Already disclosed
✍️  Smart contract address:
                                                                    swipe 👉️
🤖 Token standard:
Collection's Artworks

music by Infraction (Dizziness, 2021 - No Copyright Music)